California politicians have lost any mandate they may have ever had to govern.  I spoke with a few Californians today about Governor Fucker shuttering their business for a third and likely final time, cancelling Thanksgiving and large social gatherings, and warning against travel, just before he took off to Napa to party, maskless, with a bunch of medical directors…you know, the ones he’s getting policy advice from about shutting down California again.  The people I talked to are ready to march on the State Capitol.  Like with torches and pitchforks and recall petitions and shit.  And these are the people who voted for this idiot.  I know of several other counties that have joined Anhedonia County in telling The Gov exactly where he can shove his  stupid-ass tier system.
This is not going to end well for you, Gavin.  Nor should it.  Fucking hypocrite.

N.P.: “Man of Constant Sorrow” – Skeewiff

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