Monthly Archives: January 2020

Up before dawn, wrote some stuff, went to a series of mid-morning meetings and quickly decided I should have stayed at home and drank. Alas. Gonna see if I can get some words in before collapse.

N.P.: “They Will Pay” – Dead Soul

Goddammit, dear reader, I’ve been so busy, I missed Burns Night!  It was last Saturday night.  I drank significant whiskey, but that was just circumstantial because it was a Saturday night…not specifically for Robert Burns.  I don’t remember what I had for dinner, but it certainly wasn’t haggis, it certainly wasn’t on a silver platter piped in with bagpipes, and I certainly did not read/perform a rendition of the Address to a Haggis.  Shit.  

And then I missed the 175th anniversary of the publication of The Raven yesterday.  And I had no whiskey yesterday.  In fact, I was woefully sober all day…inappropriately so for such a momentous occasion.  I’m really falling down on the job here, tolerant reader.  I am getting some writing done, though.  So there’s that.  

N.P.: “He Is” – Ghost

Second verse, same as the first, dear reader. It’s a time management problem: I have exactly no time, and somehow need to manage to get everything done, including finishing two books and getting them sold. If I can, I’m going to try to stay up late tonight working on something for you. Or actually finishing something for you. Not sure I can finish it…probably can’t. But I’m trying, patient reader…I’m trying.

N.P.: “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” – Class of ’99

Outta time again tonight, dear reader. Hopefully we’ll have more time tomorrow. Also, I could use a drink. #deskwhiskey

N.P.: “Pig Boy” – Sweaty Nipples

Superhero Shout Out to Nurse Squealita for delivering the neighbor’s baby in the neighbor’s car in the neighbor’s driveway. In her jammies. Most impressive.  #badass

I’ve been making some surprising decisions recently.  Nothing big, no life-changing things…very minor stuff, little decisions, but little decisions that I’m faced with pretty routinely, that I routinely decide the same way about, decisions that I’m suddenly surprising myself with by suddenly making completely choices.  That probably doesn’t make much sense, but it’s interesting.  Gah…I’m so tired I’m probably incoherent.  Must sleep.

N.P.: “No Miracles” – SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms)

Every day, dear reader…I start off with the best of intentions and then spend the day being perpetually sidetracked by life and all its associated grotesqueries. Which is what happened again today. Goddammit.

N.P.: “Ordinary Man (feat. Elton John) – Ozzy Osbourne

Adventures have been ramping up a bit lately. Things were getting a bit stagnant there for a while.

N.P.: “Fire Starter” – Uppermost

People continue to be so unbelievably frustrating. Can’t live with ’em, can’t get rid of them without being accused of crimes against humanity.
* * * * * * * * * * *
I was comparing myself to Mr. Rogers today (yeah, don’t ask), and got to talking. Where the hell was Mr. Rogers coming from when he walked into his weird house, put on his house shoes, and started talking to puppets and playing with trains? Did he have some job he was working all day before he came home to hang out with America’s children? Just wondering.

N.P.: “Justice Way” – Processor