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“To go out of your mind at least once a day is tremendously important.  Because by going out of your mind, you come to your senses.  And if you stay in your mind all the time, you are over-rational.  In other words, you’re like a very rigid bridge which, because it’s got no give, no craziness in it, it’s going to be blown down in the first hurricane.” ~ Alan Watts

N.P.: “Doctor?” – Orbital

I had difficulty knowing what day today actually was for most of it.  It just felt like a Saturday.  That said, it was a fine day.  Just kinda messing around in the studio tonight.

N.P.: “Cosmic Day – 2020 Remaster” – Prince

It seems like I can be impressively productive and still not get nearly enough done.  It seems like I can sleep any amount and still be tired all the time.  It seems like I learn all there is to learn about a subject and still only understand the amount I have yet to learn.

N.P.: “Epitome XVIII” – Blut Aus Nord

I went out in public today and by the time I came home, there was no body count.  I deserve some credit.

N.P.: “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – The Crystal Method

So I had a vision, dear reader…it was a beautiful thing: a writing station, but to call it just “a writing station” is to do my vision a grave disservice.  What I have in mind is more like the Death Star than some mortal writing station.  We’re talking multiple large screens running state of the art composition, editing, and publishing software on a dedicated machine with far more computing power than I’ll ever need.  In addition to being simply bitchin’, this is a piece of equipment that I need in order to finish the books I’m working on.  I’ve taken that compositional process as far as I can without needing technological assistance….I need to be able to see and manipulate numerous pages of text, hundreds of note fragments, and a real-time outline of the entire book, and I need to be able to see and manipulate these things simultaneous.  It’s kind of hard to explain if you don’t know what I’m up to, but it will make sense in retrospect.
I’ve become pretty obsessed in the last 48 hours with building this thing.  I’m still researching a few things, but I’m about ready to pull the trigger on this thing.

N.P.: “Whisky Story” – Example

Welcome and congratulations to this week’s first inductees into the Honor Roll. Mr. Stephon Tuitt, Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end and free thinker, didn’t even wait for the NFL season to start: he got way out in front of the The Stupidity and announced that he will be standing for the goddamn anthem, thankyouverymuch, and anybody who doesn’t like it can fuck right off.  “I am a proud American.  I am not kneeling for the flag and screw anybody who have [sic] a problem with that.”  Fucking right, sir.  Mr. Tuitt continued: “It’s unfortunate that a couple unprofessional individuals have caused such havoc on our country and damaged the trust of its citizens.  I will not let those individuals steer me from the fact on the opportunity this country gives for everyone.  God bless.”  You, sir, are a class act.  If ever we find ourselves in the same bar together, you will be drinking for free.
Three Honorable Mentions this week:  Brent Barnaky (NBA referee), Rachel Hill (of the Chicago Red Stars) and Samantha Murphy (of the North Carolina Courage) all resisted the cowardly pull of The Herd and refused to Bend The Knee For The Mob.
In other Honor Roll news, one of last week’s inductees, Jonathan Issac (of the Orlando Magic), who refused to kneel  for the anthem or sully his team’s uniform or his own reputation with a bullshitty BLM™ t-shirt, saw sales of his jersey skyrocket over the weekend.  Figures from the NBA store as of this writing show Mr. Issac’s jersey sales being second highest in the league, second only to LeBron James, which, let’s see what happens next week.  Two things can be learned from this: 1) getting a positive mention on this site is extremely good for merch sales (we kid), or, more realistically, 2) there are several very large entities (NBA, NFL, MLB, A&E,  Paramount, Amazon) whom I don’t think have any idea of the bitch-slap backlash headed directly at their jugulars as the newly sharpened Pendulum starts its inevitable and unstoppable journey back.

N.P.: “Situation – Purity Mix” – Pig

Congratulations to astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob, Behnken, NASA, and SpaceX on a successful mission and for taking the United States’ space program back to the United States.

N.P.: “Shared Something With The Night” – ARO

Honorable Mention today goes to the Spurs’ Gregg Popovich and the Heat’s Meyers Leonard for having the sack to stand during the goddamn national anthem.  They are not eligible for full enrollment in The Honor Roll since they chose to wear BLM™ shirts, meaning they are either frauds or dupes.  But props for standing for the anthem.  Gregg and Meyers are allowed in the bar where I and the other Honor Roll inductees are drinking, but Gregg and Meyers will be paying for everybody’s drinks.
There are so many people and organizations that deserve The Finger these days, I can’t possibly keep up.  But I think the NBA has really cried out for a big, unlubricated Finger.  The last time an large athletic organization embraced such egregiously political and overtly fascist messaging was probably Hitler’s Olympics in 1936.  That was a fun time for the whole family…dupes from all over the world waving swastikas and giving Uncle Adolf a nice Nazi salute to show their support of the previously oppressed people of Germany (“Well, you know, they did really take it in the leiderhosen after WW1”).  Most of those people seen waving swastika flags would later expect people to believe that they hadn’t been aware of Hitler’s antisemitic, genocidal agenda, that nobody knew.  Which is patently horseshit.  The number of countries who sidelined their Jewish athletes because their hosts had asked them to and they didn’t want to risk offending their hosts is shameful.  And down the road, when people and organizations are trying to distance themselves from BLM™, they will make the same claims of ignorance, and those claims will be dismissed out of hand.
We’ll know you knew…because we were the ones who told you.

N.P.: “She Talks to Angels” – Black Needle Noise, John Fryer, AnjelA Piccard

Welcome and congratulations to new Honor Roll inductee Jonathan Issac, Orlando Magic forward and evidently the only free thinker in the Magic organization, if not the entire NBA.  He refused to kneel, and he refused to be forced to wear political propaganda for pregame virtue signaling.   He was also the only man to also not wear a stupid Black Lives Matter™ shirts.  Because Black Lives Matter™ remains a fraudulent and racist organization causing very real harm and damage to the African-American community.
If ever Mr. Issac and I find ourselves at the same bar, he drinks for free.  Those other lemmings aren’t welcome.  I wish them ill.  I hope they have a shitty season.
Only slaves can be made to kneel.  Free men kneel for nothing.

N.P.: “Mord ist Kunst” – Stoneman

How goes it, dear reader.  Today was hectic as hell, but very productive.  Did some book stuff, some money stuff, and a few things for here.  Unfortunately the things for here are not for you, intelligent reader…it’s for The Idiots, whom, I agree, have been taking up far too much of our time lately, but some things need saying, and it seems like a lot of intelligent people have lost contact with their spines.  Somebody’s got to try to help them find their balls again.
Anyway, I gotta get back to it.  Stay strong.

N.P.: “Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) – Mark Ronson