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That’s a lot of days to have wasted and a shameful sum of blessings selfishly squandered.  So much time hiding in delusion.

The count reset today.  Never again will I waste a day.

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…and again, I feel real regret.

Sober and alone, I sit on the beach.  I watch couples walk together, play in the surf.  Not all romantic couples…there’s a mother and child…over there, a brother and sister…their parents…but most of them….

I used to look out to the surf, the massive sea, and gaze in awed wonder, and smile.  Now, perched alone on a sand dune, I look toward the sea, and something is different.  I see things, but I’m not sure if they are really there.  They must be there, if I can see them.

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I was struck by the Full Wolf Moon this night.  I noticed it several times and made silent tribute.  I did not, however, write a sonata.  Alas. Still, if it’s not too late where you are, you might go check it out, Dear Reader. It’s quite…compelling.



I was watching a scene from the Guns n’ Roses 3D concert movie scheduled to be released later this year, and I found myself to be the only person in the room that liked it.  Not coincidentally, I was also the only person in the room who wasn’t a native Seattleite, didn’t have a beard, and never thought Kurt Cobain was all that.

Kurt Cobain was like that shithead kid who came in at the beginning of first grade and sanctimoniously and precociously announced that there was no such thing as Santa Claus, and did it with this super-sneery attitude, as if to say, “I can’t believe you cretins haven’t figured it out yet…you were fools for believing it at all.”  But then, rather than telling that kid to go screw, everybody just said, “Oh,” and quit enjoying Christmas for the rest of forever.

I was there when it happened, and it sucked.

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It seemed to be just one of Those Days.  The sun didn’t so much set today but rather seemed to just give up and trudge out of the sky.  The homeless dude down the street wasn’t jangling his change bucket because he said he “needed a day off.”  And I’m pretty sure I actually saw a crow yawn.  Do crows yawn?  It might have been going to caw but then decided to hell with it.  Either way, it seemed like things were off today.

I will have a word with The Powers That Be and see what can do about making tomorrow better.  In the meantime, Dear Reader, sleep well.

No Comment.

The three biggest problems facing modern society are daylight savings time, Juggalos, and the ability of people to comment on posts on websites.  There’s not much I can do about that first one until after the Revolution, once I’ve assumed power, when  I’ll abolish it and criminalize its practice.  As for Juggalos, well…they down with the clown, so two whoops.  But the ability of people to comment on posts on websites is an idea of the most putrid vintage.  When it started happening in the 90s, I had all sorts of panic attacks about the potential societal collapse which would inevitably result from the existence of comments on websites.  I had no idea what ended up happening would end up happening.  It’s horrible.  And don’t get me started on social media.  Christ.

So here’s the deal:  I want to hear what you have to say, whatever it may be. I really do.  If it’s something you like, send me an email.  If you wish for me to give the commencement address at your kid’s middle school graduation, send me an email.  There are plenty of opportunities to send me an email throughout this site…I implore you to use them.  I like getting email from people.  And I tend to write back.  So see?  We can have a conversation…just no audience.

If you attempt to comment on anything, you will be lampooned savagely and chaotically.  You have been warned.  And dared. Heh.

That is all.