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Wedlocked Out.


Me: Goddammit.

Brother From Another Mother: Now what’s wrong?

Me: This is just ridiculous.

BFAM: What’s ridiculous?

Me: That we’re not married.

BFAM: Dude…I’m flattered as all hell, and you know I love you, but…

Me: Not to each other, you blowhole. That neither one of us is married. To anybody. Why the hell are we single?

BFAM: Um…because we want to be? Since when do you want to be married? Continue reading

The Song Remains the Same.

Some seventeen Saturdays ago I was snuggling soundlessly on a sexy sectional with the girl who likes grellow, watching a bit of a chick flick. And it wasn’t half bad. Michael Scott from The Office starred in it, and he’s always good. Anyway, toward the end of the thing, “The Air That I Breathe” by The Hollies came on. I had heard the chorus to that song dozens of times, but I had never listened to the whole thing, soup to nuts, until right then. And my God…the melody during the verses….the word that first came to mind was “haunting.” The lyrics were beautiful, perfectly suited to the song. “That is exactly the sort of song,” I thought, “that I’ve been trying to write for 35 years.” The second word that come to my mind as I was listening enviously to this song was “familiar.” Hauntingly familiar. I knew I hadn’t heard this song before, because I would remember it, but, impossibly, simultaneously, I knew I’d heard it before.

Later that night, I found “The Air That I Breathe” online and listened to the shit out of it.

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