Monthly Archives: April 2013

Things Kids Think.

Dear Reader,
It’s been too long, and for that I’m sorry. For what it’s worth (and it ain’t worth much), I’ve been busy doing Very Important Things.
I spent the last few weeks grading standardized tests. Tests in which fifth graders from around the country were asked to list three qualities writers possess that other people do not. The “correct” answers come from a reading the students are provided that lists some pretty banal attributes allegedly found in all writers, such as “writers daydream a lot,” (which is just silly… I’ve known scads of daydreamers who not only couldn’t write but had trouble even reading) and “writers see the world not as it is, but as it could be.” I actually like that second one rather a lot, and would go further to say, “as it should be.” But whatev…they didn’t ask me. Continue reading