I’ve been seeing a lot of headlines to articles (in admittedly less-than-reputable sources by underqualified “writers.” but still, I’m seeing them) that are talking about introverts “choosing” to be more extroverted.  All of these articles are written by extroverts, although some of them don;t seem to know this,  But no actual introvert is choosing to be so.  It’s certainly not something they can just turn off.

I’ll write significantly more about this in the future, but just now there is drinking to do.

N.P.: “Lightning Strike” – Judas Priest.

In a bit of a mood today (which I suppose is true of most days).  I’m exhausted.  And I was on a bit of a roll there, writing-wise, for a bit.  Going to see if I can pick it up again a bit before I have to collapse.

N.P.: “Run Like Hell” – Pink Floyd

Blah  Meh.  Not sure what to think of today.  Nothing was wrong with it, per se, but nothing was incredibly right, either.  It wasn’t weird enough to be interesting.  Wrote a bit, but not enough.  I mean, never enough, but today wasn’t even close.  And it’s fucking hot.

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So last summer, July 2018, Disney fired director James Gunn in what has regrettably become a normal, standard politically correct knee-jerk hyperoverreaction because he tweeted some jokes 10 years ago that suddenly someone didn’t like.

Upon his firing, Mr. Gunn issued an apology for the “offensive” tweets, which is not something I would have done.  Then upon being rehired, Mr. Gunn issued a completely pleasant statement humbly thanking his supporters for their support (of which there were many, including yrs. truly), but then expressed deep appreciation and excitement about continuing to make movies for Disney.

I would not have been so forgiving.  Not even close.  Of course, that JG has an extraordinarily successful Hollywood career and thus has to Play the Game.  Which is fine.  That JG is not nearly as vengeful and spiteful as this JG, however,  I have a hard time imagining what it would be like to work with an asshole corporation who fired me without cause a few months ago,  Are we just going to pretend that never happened?  I couldn’t do it.  But that’s just me   Good for Mr. Gunn.

This was, unfortunately, just one of dozens of similar episodes that we’ve had to watch in recent years, where because somebody said something 10, 20, 30 years ago, without incident, they find themselves suddenly unemployed, blacklisted, and virtually surrounded by a mob of pitchfork and torch wielding villagers engaging in feigned outrage manufactured by some entity with an agenda.  This is, across the board, wrong.  And it is despicable.  Evidently Mr. Gunn had been a very vocal detractor of President Trump, and popular suspicions point to the sudden reemergence of these old tweets as politically motivated and implemented.  And there have been numerous similarly contrived outrage orgies demanding if not blood than at least the total ruination of a career.  Any and all sides/parties/people who participate in this nonsense are wrong and malicious.

I don’t understand “being offended.”  I don’t know what that is…is it an emotion?  Does it mean your feelings got hurt?  Doesn’t matter.  I do know that offending someone is not a crime.  Not even close.  So quit treating it like it is.  And if you want to consider it a crime, it’s going to need a reasonable statute of limitations, so shit from 10 years ago would be inadmissible anyway.

This shit makes my head hurt.

Look, here’s the deal: because someone chooses to be offended by something in no way obligates anyone to do anything.  To ask the world to change so it does’t bump up against someone’s fragile feelings is absurd and should be embarrassing.  Sack up, shut up, and do something that matters.


N.P.: “Mr. Brownstone” – Guns N’ Roses

I find stoplights and speed limits distasteful.

So, multifaceted reader, remember how I was bitching about Volvo putting a governor on their cars enforcing a maximum speed of 112 mph? So just yesterday I was screaming down the most dangerous freeway in the country, probably somewhere around 95-98 mph, and suddenly a situation arose (which is really the only way situations arise at such speeds).  The way I chose to get out of the situation, and the only option that wouldn’t have resulted in a brutal 3+-car collision was to accelerate out of it, which I did, needing to get quickly to speeds around 115 mph (that was the exact speed I saw when I took a very quick look at the meter).  Anyway, if I’d been driving a 2021 Volvo, everybody would have been fucked.

And some friends are now driving cars that will not let them crash into anyone else on the road…the fucking car overrides the driver’s commands and brakes or steers or does whatever to avoid any collision.  But what if you need to PIT somebody, or just run them off the road?  My god.

I may need to retain a car service….some deal where I can sit in the back behind heavily tinted windows dicking around on my phone and ignoring whatever dreadful driving is going on around me.

N.P.: “The Day is My Enemy” – The Prodigy

‘Tis the Ides of March.  Beware.  Watch your back.  Betrayal and treachery lurk.

Trust no one.

N.P..: “Crazy” – Kidneythieves

Welp, dear reader, today started off ungreat, and descended steadily southward into a finale of bullshit and misunderstanding.  I Kind of want to jump out of a window, but I’ll probably attempt catharsis by working on the slasher novel and drinking deeply of desk whiskey.

N.P.: “Miasma” – Ghost

Alyssa Milano is a moronic twat.  Apparently she used to be an actress but now she’s rather pathetically trying to become the face of victimhood in intersectional politics and is failing wretchedly at that as well.  Though I really can’t stand any of the babble that spews from her fetid tiny mind, it has been amusing to watch her basically break down and collapse in a very public way during the last few weeks.  When that other racist, sexist, bigoted, hate-mongering fraudulent excuse of a human from that show no one watches was exposed a couple weeks ago as having been so unable to find anyone to oppress him that he had to pay other black guys to pretend they were white and beat him up, this Milano chick lost her shit.  “If that man stated his own attack he is wrong in so many ways.  No one could be that hurtful?  To stage this?  Right?  To fuck with all of us by playing into our weaknesses & make it even harder for victims to come forward?!  No one could choose to be that hurtful?  Right?!  RIGHT?”

To whom was she pleading?  The universe, which time and time again offers up evidence that the world is not nearly as fucked up as the narrative the kool-aid of which she and Smollett and other intersectional frauds have drunk so deeply and unquestioningly…until now?  When Copernicus and later Galileo did their things regarding the truth of our heliocentric universe, the Pope found it more convenient to label them heretics and place Galileo under house arrest until he recanted (which he never did, and thus died under house arrest) than to have the riots and insurrection that would surely come from all of humanity learning that the lie they had bought into, that God had created the earth and mankind as the center of everything was, in scientifically provable fact, utter horseshit designed to control the ignorant masses.  The average human is not at all equipped, psychologically, to artfully handle the proverbial rug being pulled out from under their chosen reality.  In psychology, there is something called reality testing, which is easy and normal and constant in normal individuals but not so in psychotics.  When Jussie Smollett went out to verify his reality of racial and gender oppression and could not, he attempted to create a reality that did.  And just as the Pope failed to hide the really real reality from the unwashed and illiterate masses, so did Smollett.  And everybody who swallowed his bullshit unquestioningly suddenly found themselves looking like dicks who, if they had any critical thinking skills whatsoever, long ago hit the “mute” button on those.

There are a couple of interesting things in what’s-her-twat’s statements: she (subconsciously, I suspect) admits that this unquestioning willingness to swallow the oppressed victim narrative is a “weakness.”  And then she says his actions will “make it even harder for victims to come forward.”  Bitch, please.  The easiest thing in the world right now is to be a victim.  That’s why Smollett did what he did: he couldn’t be bothered to take acting lessons or get a better agent to improve his career.  Why bother.  All you have to do now is claim membership in one or more oppressed victim class and you’re set.

So then, a couple weeks later, apparently Milano had a really big breakfast in celebration of International Women’s Day and went online to declare that she was a trans gay disabled immigrant lesbian of color.  Swear to god.  Here, verbatim: “I’m trans.  I’m a person of color.  I’m an immigrant.  I’m a lesbian.  I’m a gay man.  I’m the disabled.  I’m everything.”  You’re confused, is what you are.  At least she’s not still saying she’s an actress.  Not surprisingly, all the people who actually are any of these things she claimed to be but clearly is not did what they do and took offence.  Pages and pages of finger-wagging lecturing occurred, all of which can be summed up pretty accurately as, “You need to stay in your lane, you rich, white, privileged idiot.”

Maybe it’s because I’m Irish that I can’t stand this sort of shit.  We have been historically one of the most oppressed peoples in the United States, but anywhere in the world, including fucking British-occupied Ireland.  But that has exactly nothing to do with my or my fellow micks’ present day success or lack thereof.  We do not give even a whiff of fuck about anyone’s opinion or what anybody says about us.  In four days, it will be St. Patrick’s Day.  What’s the slogan?  “Today, everybody’s Irish.”  And what will everybody who is now Irish do?  Drink.  Because that’s what the Irish do.  And not only are we okay with this, but we actually encourage it.  And we fucking invented whiskey…I’m pretty sure if you go far back enough, the Celts will be found to have invented drinking.  So now we live in a world where the large vans police departments use to carry large groups of drunks to jail are called Paddy Wagons.  Yet there are no petitions being circulated to end this offensive and racist practice.  There are no protests.  Nobody cares.  Why?  Because it’s true!  Again, we invented whiskey.  We drink.  We are professionals at it.  So what?

It should not be offensive if it’s true, and if it is, you need to recalibrate your thinking, not attempt to change reality.

N.P. : “Ruby” – Tweaker, Will Oldham

Volvo announced Monday that beginning with their 2021 models going forward, all Volvos will have governors limiting their top speed to 112 mph.  This is fascist.  112?  Horseshit.  Not that I ever would have purchased a Volvo, but come on.  I know that Mercedes-Benz (which I very much see me purchasing) has limited its cars to 155 mph, which I’m fine with.  I’ve never driven a car 155 mph.  But I broke that 112  shit this very day.

I’ve been in a few very new cars recently that beeped annoyingly if it thought you were too close to another car.  And the goddamn sat nav openly bitches at you as soon as you violate the speed limit.  And people are buying these cars…spending rather a lot of money on them, in fact.  These cars should be available at unrealistic discounts.  I am not interested in what my fucking car thinks about my driving.  And I sure as hell don’t give a shit how fast the car maker thinks I should drive.  I actually had my mechanic disable the ABS in my present car.  “I will be doing the braking, thank you very much.”

What happened to car companies trying to build the fastest car on the market?  This world is getting more boring by the day.

N.P.: “Potions – Deliverance Mix” – Puscifer

Yep…mess around with the clocks and everything goes to hell.  I was walking through a park this afternoon when suddenly everything stank.  It was inescapable…the entire park reeked.  After a while, I thought maybe I’d stepped in dog shit, A quick check revealed that that wasn’t it.  I briefly suspected one of the humans just stinking to high hell, but there’s no way one person, no matter how repugnant, could stink up the entirety of a huge park.  Then I figured out the source: cherry blossoms.  The fucking cherry trees decided, what, a good 10 days before the start of spring, to blossom all over the place.  It’s quite disgusting.

It’s 6:17 and that stupid star is still in the sky.  Such solar silliness.

N.P.: “The Good Soldier” – Nine Inch Nails