January 25, 2021

Things started off well enough today, all cold and gray and rainy.  But by mid-morning, the sun had come out and was in full effect, and that just ruined everything.  I wrote a couple thousand words, though.  So there’s that.

N.P.: “God Save The Queen” – Motorhead

January 24, 2021

Not bad, dear reader…today was not bad.  It wasn’t particularly good, but it wasn’t bad.  Reasonably productive.  Still working my way through software tutorials for the new studio.  Also, it’s finally starting to feel like winter outside.

N.P. “Times Like These” – Glen Campbell, Howard Willing

January 21, 2021

Today felt like I worked a lot without actually getting anything done.  Which is, it should come as no surprise to you, attractive reader, quite frustrating.  Alas.  Forsooth!  But tomorrow is another day.  And it will be raining.
Things are already looking up.

N.P.: “Tryin’ To Get To Heaven” – David Bowie

January 20, 2021

Okay, so the addition to the studio: perfect.  It was like a missing piece of the puzzle that I didn’t know was missing.  All right…now we’re cooking with gas.  Let’s put some books together.

N.P.: “Toccata – Carpimus Noctem” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

January 19, 2021

Well, the new studio was done…it was.  But I’ve decided to expand.  In order to accommodate client needs (it’s a whole thing, dear reader).  Anyway, things have gone from “incredibly cool” to “incredibly cool and professional.”  It’s all fancy.  My only issue is that it’s getting, if not functionally cramped, then aesthetically cramped, at least.  I can deal with it, but if any music television networks show up to profile the joint, I’m going to have to make some rearrangements.

N.P.: “Wicked As It Seems” – Keith Richards

January 18, 2021

I’m so compartmentalized, most of my days are spent in meetings with myself.  Seriously…it’s weird.  Still, the meetings are pretty interesting.  At least there’s that.

N.P.: “I’ve Been Around” – Marty Stuart

January 17, 2021

Another good day, dear reader.  At one point, I was working on four different projects, writing a paragraph on one, then writing a paragraph on the next one, and so on, and repeated that for about an hour.  I wasn’t trying to do that, it just happened.  But it was good.

N.P.: “Panzerschokolade” – Rome