Bit of a rough patch these days: non-stop depression, 24-hour-a-day panic attacks.  No sleep possible, appetite barely extant. Occassional Blakian visions have started again, some good, some bad.  Not sure what to do with those.  The overall feeling is that I’m on the verge of something big: either a breakthrough or a breakdown.
“My business is a little cloak and dagger,
I drink so much, I don’t walk: I merely stagger.
While others have been thinking about it
I’ve been there and back.
I’m already in the gutter
Next stop is the drain.”
That was what was on the radio when I noticed I was going over 100 mph today.  Sometimes I can believe I’m still allowed to roam free.  [Looks nervously over his shoulder]
Alright…to bed with you.  I’ve still got things to do.