Monthly Archives: January 2021

January 31, 2021

I am not afraid of dying…I have no fear of death.  But I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of not existing.

Due to a recent monsoon, Fecal Creek is absolutely swarming with mosquitoes right now.  It’s like summertime in Thailand out there, dear reader.  I was outside for maybe 10 minutes today, and killed at least 40 of those loathsome things.  Anhedonia County Vector Control announced the immediate deployment of “multiple military aircraft including murder drones” to dump chemicals, radiation, and gigantic “Bug Zapper Nets” all over The Creek in order to abate the menace just as soon as the weather clears on Wednesday.  In the meantime we’ve been advised to shelter in place.  Fuck I hate mosquitoes.

N.P.: “Cities In Dust” – Junkie XL

January 30, 2021

So many days begin with so much potential, and then just go right into the toilet due to Life and all its associated bullshit.
Some days I feel that I may never not feel completed exhausted again.
But crack on we shall.

N.P.: “Waiting on a War” – Foo Fighters

January 28, 2021

“Now is my time.  Everything I’ve done up to this point is just a warm up.  This is where it all begins.”
~ Rick James

The NyQuil did the trick.  The NyQuil always does the trick.  Despite being better rested, today was regrettably predictable and unremarkable.  Tomorrow there will be games.

N.P.: “The Hearts Filthy Lesson – Trent Reznor Alternative Mix” – David Bowie

January 25, 2021

Things started off well enough today, all cold and gray and rainy.  But by mid-morning, the sun had come out and was in full effect, and that just ruined everything.  I wrote a couple thousand words, though.  So there’s that.

N.P.: “God Save The Queen” – Motorhead

January 24, 2021

Not bad, dear reader…today was not bad.  It wasn’t particularly good, but it wasn’t bad.  Reasonably productive.  Still working my way through software tutorials for the new studio.  Also, it’s finally starting to feel like winter outside.

N.P. “Times Like These” – Glen Campbell, Howard Willing