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Reader Mail (Continued).

Hell to you Jayson and everyone who can look on my bolg to see it, I am back of back injure and get better, now I am here to tell you on it what am I do? Huh? What can I do on it to change a world even when not doing puches and kicks? It can make me think.

So when I am back injure and laying on a bed with Jonny bring me drinks and play video games to show me, I am think about doing more writings and maybe even write a good movie.

Okay now a big surprise, to show you a movioes I am writig! I tell you a names of any movies I am write, then tell you a type of movies, then I tell you about a movie and what can it be?

Movie #1:
Love On A Fist
Remember a time of love. It is forever, and you will always have a fist to show it.

Movie #2:

Fist Fever
Dance forever in a heat of town. They can never stop it if you dance forever in a heat of town.

Movie #3:

Fist Of A Killer
On a fist of horrors, you will die if you wanna come.

Movie #4:

Love On A Fist 2: Fist Of A Killer
Remember a time of love. It will die now, because it cannot live forever. A killer have a fist to show it, and you gonna die now.

Movie #5:

There is a guy. He have a fist and he can kill you. Watch out, Wolly.

Okay! I am exciting to make a molvie and show any person of a world who can wanna see a good movie!

Soon I am show you a part of scrips that I am write! So you can read of a movie to know it can be good!


Wow, man.  You certainly have a lot of ideas.  And I’m sure every last one of them will be made into feature length films.  I’m not sure that I can bring anything to your table, here, movie-making-wise.  I’m pretty focused on this other screen-writing thing I’m doing right now, updating Dr. Seuss’s entire oeuvre into adult versions of the story.  Right now we are in pre-production on “Horton Hires a Ho.”   It is a grand, grand tale, my friend…perhaps the most intriguing thing I’ve worked on since that pop-up version of my first book that I did for the kids in Belarus.  Anyway, best of luck….

Do! Nuts!

Reader Mail.

Dear Mr. Jayson,
Hellos, I a big fan of anger, also fan of sun of destroy, just like you Mr. Jayson.  I like hangbang book, and we should make movie.  I am tell you I write a movies now, and I can make it good. And also I like fight.  I teach, talk, and tell of fight at my blog.  See my picture.  Is good to talk to you becows you strong of fight, say “Fucks!” and do good with strongs.  Don’t even take a shit if you don’t have to!  Sometime a people take a shit cause to be friends with you, I don’t like that, l like fight hard style, and so I like you.  Any kid I see, I tell , no no don’t take a shits for anyone, only GIVE shits, and see futures in balls.  Ma all the gods of furious strong be with you as you crunch opponents, and live like a windrammer as you fuck.  
Dear Jonny,
Hell yes, man: let’s make a movie.  I like fight hard style too, so I’m sure we’ll get along great.  How do you want to shoot this thing?
Have your people call my people,