Monthly Archives: November 2019

Wrote a bit and then did some upgrades in the studio set up…there’s this song I really need to record. Gonna try to do that tomorrow.

N.P.: “Automaton” – KMFDM

This is my favorite time of year, but mostly for meteorological reasons, certainly not societal ones. People are incredibly annoying this time of year. Without getting into a big thing, I find it strange that people will suddenly festoon their rotten hovels with multicolor lights, garish and cartoonish balloons, and extravagant light shows choreographed to typically bitchin’ music. Which is great. I’m all for it. But then, right around the new calendar year, they take all that shit down, and I guess pretend it never happened and wait until next Thanksgiving rolls around so they can put the cool shit up again? Why? Why not rock the laser shows all year round? It doesn’t have anything to do with Jesus, so take Christmas out of the equation. If it’s some oppressive HOA, they don’t suddenly rewrite the rules for one month out of the year. Why not stick it to those drones all year round? If it’s because you somehow think the neighbors won’t be completely annoyed my you if you engage in this behavior from the last week of November to the last week of December, wrong there too: your neighbors are annoyed by you during the holiday season. So what is the reason? The reason is, of course, that you are slaves to societal pressures and allowances you don’t even seem to be aware of. That’s the best case scenario. It’s far worse if you are aware of them and just decide to go along with it.

N.P.: “Moonbeam Levels – 2019 Remaster” – Prince

It’s a holiday in The Matrix today, dear reader, which is a cue for yrs. truly to not leave the house. If you partook of this holiday, I hope you did so with vigor and enthusiasm, and I hope you found it rewarding.

N.P.: “Staralfur” – Sigur Ros

20-hour days = fussy Jayson. Yep, I’m fussy. I don’t even know what day it is anymore. Aw shit…is tomorrow Thanksgiving? Shit. How did that happen? Time is being a dick again. I spoke to The Rain about it last night, but he said nobody can do anything about Time. I hate it when Forces of Nature start acting all uppity and out of pocket. It can be quite difficult reining them in.
God, I’m fussy.

N.P.: “Turbo Lover” – Judas Priest

Our culture is just the worst, dear reader, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. But god damn people are fucking dim. I don’t know how you deal with it.

The good news is today I got paid a not insignificant amount to sit in a pub for two hours and eat bacon. The world works in mysterious ways.

N.P.: “Take Me with U” – Prince

My old friend The Rain is coming back to town tomorrow. Finally. It’s been far too long. I get it though. He’s kind of a moody dude. Rather particular about where he spends his time. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t spend much time in Anhedonia if I was a force of nature either. Wait a minute…I am a force of nature. So what the fuck am I doing here? Maybe I’ll ask him that when we meet up for lunch tomorrow.

N.P.: “Hush” – Gotthard

Guess who’s coming to town, dear reader…go on, guess. Since you can’t guess, I will tell you: Winter! Sorry, Fall…Summer ate up all your time with his rude refusal to get the hell out, never mind what the calendar has say about it. So fine…we’re going to go bone dry fire weather to to subfreezing temperatures and rain/snow in roughly 36 hours. We don’t need no meteorological segues. I’ll take it. The nights are now longer than the days and shall only get more so for another month. Let there be night.

N.P.: “Life’s a Bitch” – Accept

Today started and stayed with me in one of the most foul moods I’ve ever been in. Just a mushroom-cloud-layin’ day. Actually had to quit doing errands and come home for the greater good and to avoid a body count.
But it ended up ending pretty well. Yeah.

N.P.: “Small World” – Skold

Unrealistically tired. But still managing to get an impressive amount of writing done, and I think most of it is really good (jury’s still out on the rest, but it’s probably pretty damn good too (been on a bit of an inexplicable roll, lately)). Maybe exhaustion is the key. Maybe surfing the edge of complete psychological and physical collapse in the fuel I need.
So be it. Back to work.

N.P.: “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” – Fantomas