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“It says something when you’re at a BLM™ protest and you have more minorities on the police side than you have in a violent crowd….”

An Ohio woman has been arrested for calling 911 because her “pussy was on fire.”  Indeed.  It seems Katrina Morgan, 50, got The Itch over the weekend and placed a call to the Port Clinton Police Department and asked if their “hose is working” and if so, could someone please bring it on out to the house: “I need somebody to come put it out with their hose.”
So the police department did oblige, natch, but rather than using their hose to put out any crotchfires, they simply arrested Miss Morgan.  As one might expect, said arrest did not go smoothly.  In fact, Miss Morgan refused to comply and began shouting at the officer.  She resisted getting in the back of the police car until the officer called her “a foul and perverted beast” and threatened her with a good tasing.  “You think you’re pussy’s on fire now, just wait til I light you up with this thing.”
Miss Morgan became compliant.
Numerous empty booze bottles were found inside the residence and other guests stated their were all drinking and Miss Morgan was “drunker than shit.”

N.P.: “Pure Pleasure Seeker” – Moloko