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I don’t watch a whole hell of a lot of television, dear reader, especially since those pusillanimous twats at A&E cancelled LivePD.  But I’ve always thought The First 48 is a pretty great show, for the same reason I liked LivePD and COPS: you get to see exactly how stupid people can be.  At least 90% of the people who get arrested for murder on The First 48 get arrested in an interview room at the police station.  Without an attorney.  Voluntarily.  Yeah.
Now I know you know this, dear reader, but for those who might be just tuning in who might not know better, we need to let them know:  when the police call and tell you they are investigating a homicide and would you just be a dear and come on in for a quick interview…just 15 minutes, just a chat and a handshake, really, no big deal”, here’s what you say.  “I will gladly talk with you with my attorney present.”  Other than that, don’t say shit.  If you did it, and you know you’re caught, don’t say shit.  If you didn’t do it, but you know you’ll probably be a suspect anyway, don’t say shit.  If you have absolutely no idea what or whom the cops are talking about, don’t say shit.  Some Americans, most Americans, unfortunately, think that lawyering up makes one look guilty.  It doesn’t.  It makes one look smart.  It makes one look as if one is not fucking around, which, if one is being interviewed by homicide detectives, is a good look to have.  It also tends to make one look free in a lot of cases.

N.P.: “Thin Line” – honeyhoney

Fuck Dude Center.
Dude Center is what we called Guitar Center in the 90s.  And Guitar Center filed for bankruptcy today.  One might think I would be disappointed in this development, and in a way I am, though my relationship with Dude Center has always been rather Like/Hate.  But the pendulum swung all the way over to “vicious contempt” over the summer when they moronically declared they would no longer carry Fulltone effects pedals in their stores because some racist BLM™ cretins took issue with Fulltone’s owner First Amendment Rights.  By instantly buckling to the racist BLM™ mob of idiots, they showed a willingness to join the other corporate cowards who proved themselves willing to censor, which is something that has no place in music, especially rock.
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, fuck you.  It warms my otherwise frosty heart to know that Mike Fuller and Fulltone are still selling wicked effects pedals while the dolts at Dude Center are dusting off their CVs to try to get a new job in this economy.  Rock on, fuckers.

N.P.: “Star Spangled Banner – Live at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, August 18, 1969” – Jimi Hendrix

I finally got a haircut, dear reader!  You have no idea how completely anarchic the coif has gotten during these past 8 months or so.  Anyway, this girl tried something a bit new, and I think I like it.  We’ll see what happens.
Didn’t write shit today…just too busy.  Time for whiskey and wings, of course…those are necessities.  The night is young…there is still plenty of time for writing.
I think I may need to have an adventure soon.

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Debating whether to go out and violate the curfew or just go the fuck to bed.  Bed’s sounding pretty good.  Yeah, let the kids fight the power.  But for the record, if I wanted to go out after 22:00, you bet your ass I’d go.  Rebel rebel…Cali represent.

N.P.: “The Metro – Orchestral Version” – Berlin

Governor Asshat had the nerve, the unmitigated hypocritical gall, the stupid audacity to “order” a nighttime curfew today.  Including Napa County!  Where he just violated two of his own “orders.”  I was going to go out and raise hell tonight, you know, in protest, but our County Board of Supervisors made it very clear that, as with all of the other of this idiot’s commandments, this county  will be totally ignoring it.
“Fuck that guy,” said Supervisor Danielson as he left Board Headquarters this afternoon.  “Fuck him in his hypocritical dimpled ass.  He should be arrested and flogged…no, scratch that…reverse it: he should be flogged and then arrested, and then charged with being an asshole.”  Reporters gasped, but raucous cheers broke out amongst the fine and robust citizens of Anhedonia County who where in attendance.

UPDATE: A spokesman for the Office of the Governor declined to comment on whether or not the governor’s ass is indeed dimpled.  “But he’s a abject hypocrite, there’s no getting around that.”

N.P.: “Rattlesnake” – Son of Dave

California politicians have lost any mandate they may have ever had to govern.  I spoke with a few Californians today about Governor Fucker shuttering their business for a third and likely final time, cancelling Thanksgiving and large social gatherings, and warning against travel, just before he took off to Napa to party, maskless, with a bunch of medical directors…you know, the ones he’s getting policy advice from about shutting down California again.  The people I talked to are ready to march on the State Capitol.  Like with torches and pitchforks and recall petitions and shit.  And these are the people who voted for this idiot.  I know of several other counties that have joined Anhedonia County in telling The Gov exactly where he can shove his  stupid-ass tier system.
This is not going to end well for you, Gavin.  Nor should it.  Fucking hypocrite.

N.P.: “Man of Constant Sorrow” – Skeewiff

Okay, straight up…I want to fight Jack Dorsey.  Yes, I have that increasingly lengthy list of people I want to fight, but in most cases, I’m not being literal…I just wish them ill.  But Jack Dorsey…I quite literally want to fight him.  I loathe censorship in America, in any form, and Twitter is the most egregious censor of social media lot.  And he openly admits as much.  So yeah…fuck Jack Dorsey.  He should be stomped and deported at once.  Malignant prick.
In other news, Governor Bastard spent the entirety of last week’s lunch hours on TV hyperventilating and hectoring the citizens of California to avoid social gatherings, then promptly took off his mask and went to a fucking dinner party with at least a dozen people in Napa.  As if on cue for blatant hypocrisy, after issuing a warning against gatherings and travel, several California lawmakers got a plane and flew to Hawaii for a “conference.”  In person.  Sure they could have done it virtually, but it’s Hawaii.
Any decent, intelligent society would have all these bastards blindfolded and up against the wall at the next dawn, but we’re not talking about decent, intelligent society…just the shamefully governed toilet formerly known as California.

N.P.: “Sold Me Down The River” – The Alarm

Spent the afternoon just killing it on the book, which was a total surprise, as it was not on the schedule today.  Greenlit the purchase of the final piece of equipment which will complete the new studio.  We are pleased, dear reader.

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Congratulations to NASA and SpaceX on the first operational SpaceX Crew Dragon launch to the ISS.  Looked pretty perfect.

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