Monthly Archives: October 2013

Dream #2773

Last night the school bus came back. It’s been 10 years since it showed up in my dreams, and I was very much in need of a visit.

It was daytime, but there was no sunlight. The sun never shines in my dreams. I was alone, of course, walking through a city, away from a mushroom cloud. My pace was steady: despite the destruction around me, I never broke stride. But I kept turning around to look at the cloud: it was so big it didn’t appear to be moving at all. The cloud had been there, taking up most of the horizon, for hours. All the other people on the busy street were transfixed, unable to break their collective gaze. But I forced myself to look in the opposite direction, where I was heading.

I made my way steadily through chaotic city streets filled with confused and injured people. Things were on fire. I had no fear, no sense of loss, nothing…I was just walking away. Then, a few blocks ahead of me, I watched as a large airplane flying way too low lose power, bank sharply, and crash down into a high-rise building and then onto the street . More flames, more chaos. Everything was dying. I kept walking.

I was walking through the plane’s wrecked carcass, observing the dead and injured, but not stopping, not talking. I got to the intersection of the next block, and that’s when the school bus pulled up. Continue reading