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  1. a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.
    “It would have taken a paragon of douchebaggery to push the elderly nun down that back stairway, which is, unfortunately for Sister Antoinette, exactly what Father Sullivan was.”
  2. a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.
    “‘Your cook is a paragon,’ said the cartel leader of his friend’s newest batch of meth.”
  3. a perfect diamond of 100 carats or more.                                           “‘You can like and want to put a ring on it all you want, but I ain’t saying yes unless I get a paragon, you rich mothafucka,’ the chanteuse was heard to whisper.”


  1. awkward, embarrassing, or unsophisticated ways.

“He had hoped that she had long since gotten over various gaucheries such as smelling her Q-tips after cleaning her ears and picking at her toenails during therapy.  He was, once again, disappointed.”


  1. insolent or impertinent behavior.
    “One student had the moronic effrontery to challenge the master’s statement.  That student’s academic career as well as his ability to sit down without wincing in pain ended the following day.”


  1. enjoy oneself or celebrate in a noisy or boisterous way.
    “Having destroyed the the last of his enemies in the village, he and his men roistered in the town church though the night before burning it down at dawn.”


  1. lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm.
    “The ecstasy had worn off of most revelers by the time the sun rose over the desert; however, a few people hadn’t gotten the memo, and continued dancing in a rather desultory fashion.”
  2. (of conversation or speech) going constantly from one subject to another in a halfhearted way; unfocused.
    “Of all my patients, the schizophrenics are the most annoying: their attempts at conversation are desultory on the best of days, and their therapy goes nowhere.”
  3. occurring randomly or occasionally.
    “Desultory ne’er-do-wells began appearing claiming to be heirs to his artistic fortune.”



  1. a lover or mistress.
    • a prostitute.
“He was pretty surprised when he thought her stage name was Doxy, but once he found out that that was her birth name, he knew her tornado-bait parents had doomed her to this life: she never had a chance.”



  1. a woman in charge of a brothel.
“Having been grotesquely trounced in her bid for President, she returned home to resume her role of Bawd in Chief back home with her syphilitic husband and his myriad hoes and political hangers-on.”