Okay, straight up…I want to fight Jack Dorsey.  Yes, I have that increasingly lengthy list of people I want to fight, but in most cases, I’m not being literal…I just wish them ill.  But Jack Dorsey…I quite literally want to fight him.  I loathe censorship in America, in any form, and Twitter is the most egregious censor of social media lot.  And he openly admits as much.  So yeah…fuck Jack Dorsey.  He should be stomped and deported at once.  Malignant prick.
In other news, Governor Bastard spent the entirety of last week’s lunch hours on TV hyperventilating and hectoring the citizens of California to avoid social gatherings, then promptly took off his mask and went to a fucking dinner party with at least a dozen people in Napa.  As if on cue for blatant hypocrisy, after issuing a warning against gatherings and travel, several California lawmakers got a plane and flew to Hawaii for a “conference.”  In person.  Sure they could have done it virtually, but it’s Hawaii.
Any decent, intelligent society would have all these bastards blindfolded and up against the wall at the next dawn, but we’re not talking about decent, intelligent society…just the shamefully governed toilet formerly known as California.

N.P.: “Sold Me Down The River” – The Alarm

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