Reader Mail.

Dear Jayson,
Are you aware of any laws regarding the number of times one can drive around a traffic circle without driving on in one direction or another?  Does that make sense? Like, you know traffic circles, right? So you’ve got to drive around part of the circle and get of at whatever outlet leads to your destination.  But can you just drive around the thing multiple times, or is that against the law?  It must be against the law, otherwise people would do it all the time. Like a victory lap or something.
Guccci Dome

What’s crackin’, Mr. Dome,
This is perhaps the best question I’ve ever gotten.  And thus is one that truly deserves an answer.  I called my attorney this afternoon to get an official “legal” answer, but he just called me names and lectured me about the time difference between California and Israel.  And so much for all that.  I’m afraid, Gooch…is that cool, if I call you Gooch?  I’m afraid, Gooch, that we’re left with one option: there is one of those insipid traffic circles in Old Town Anhedonia, so tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to break off whatever writing I’m doing and I’m going to climb into the Panty Dropper, head to Old Town, enter the traffic circle, and Go For It.  The traffic circle is in full view of APD Headquarters, so I’m guessing that if there is some arbitrary limit to how many times one may go around a traffic circle without exiting, Anhedonia’s Finest will let me know.  I will let you know of my findings tomorrow.

N.P.: “Trick or Treat” – Grace

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