Made my deadline with hours to spare.  Which is rare.   But never mind that.
Reader, what the hell has happened to Americans?  They used to be like us: ballsy, unafraid.  Now…Jesus.  Make a furtive movement around a business owner, and they shit themselves, start to cry, and change the name of their company.  Individuals are afraid of their own opinions.  And they seem to have totally lost the ability to utter a simple “no,” much less muster the guts to tell large groups of people to go fuck themselves while smiling menacingly.  Where I used to see a bunch of badasses, now I just see gaggles of pusillanimous twats.  It’s depressing.  And oh god, it is getting hard to find people to eat ecstasy with as the Summer of the Woke Scolds grinds on.

N.P.: “Free Four” – Pink Floyd

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