March 8, 2022

It’s Tuesday morning in Fecal Creek, and the state of the union remains unmitigated shit.
I’m supposed to drive into The City today for a meeting, which is bad enough, but now Spotify is down.  I’m not going anywhere until service is restored.

Okay, service has been restored…I guess the trip is back on.

I had a robust steak sandwich lunch and a brief postprandial nap, during which I seem to have arrived at the following conclusion:  Fuck it, I’m not going.  The trip is off.  Not to that fetid pit of a city.  Besides, nobody goes to meetings anymore.  Teams™ call or fuck yourself.

Well, who cares.  I don’t need any more clients anyway.  Not now, anyway.  Gotta focus on war prep.

N.P.: “In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company (Metal Version)” – Leo

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