March 6, 2021

Happy Saturday, loyal reader.  Whiskey and wings all around, I hope.  That definitely happened here.
I hate March in California so much.  Cherry blossoms everywhere…just raising hell with my allergies.  I’ve had some lovely homes on some lovely coasts and during my time living in each of them, I was able to totally forget that I had aggressive allergies and hay fever.  With the frequent rain and constant sea breeze, the air was always completely free of allergens.  But I just had to move back here, to Allergy Valley, and now my goddamn sinuses are feeling rather acrimonious about the whole deal.  And now suddenly these cherry blossoms everywhere.  If ever you want to know how it feels to be a vampire in the Vatican, start sneezing and wheezing uncontrollably in public during a pandemic.  The first two or three sneezes were so strong, they blew my mask apart…split it right in two.  So everything after that was all out into the ecosphere, totally unfiltered.  I was given absurdly wide berth.

N.P.: “Orange Monkey” – The Antler King

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