March 29, 2022

Whats crackin’, dear reader.  I’ve been away, doing my part for the war effort and all that.

Rewatched Hearts of Darkness today, Eleanor Coppola’s brilliant documentary of her husband Francis’s making of Apocalypse Now.”  I needed that.    It’s comforting to hear Francis rambling manically and desperately about what a colossal failure the movie was as he was making it.  That the whole thing is a complete waste of inordinate amounts of time and money. It’s comforting because I’ve been spending a whole lot of time in that same head space, and it’s nice to know that he, like many other artists, were fraught with doubt and fear of failure right up until the night before their creation changed everything.

Anyway, all apologies for the absence…I’ll try not to let it happen again.

N.P.: “Watcher in The Sky” – Ghost

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