June 23, 2022

This country is so broken.  I’ve known the gun laws in California, New York, and other states requiring concealed carry permits have been wildly unconstitutional since I started voting.  Stevie Wonder could see these gun laws are wildly unconstitutional.  So finally, today, the Supreme Court had to explain that the 2nd Amendment exists and that it actually means what it says, which is rather outrageous.  I mean it’s one fucking sentence!  To wit: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  People seem to get lost in the weeds about the first half of the sentence, and I’ve talked about it here before…what’s most important here is the last half.  Today’s SCOTUS ruling simply pointed out that it says, “to keep and bear Arms.”  In California, you’ve needed a concealed carry permit, which was notoriously difficult to get.  You don’t need a permit.  “Keep AND bear.”  I don’t see any particular need for weapons to be concealed.  Doesn’t say shit about that in the Constitution.  These states have been blatantly and egregious infringing the hell out of that which shall not be infringed.
Then the President comes out and talks about how he’s disappointed in the decision and proceeds to babble gibberish clearly demonstrating that he has no idea how the Supreme Court works.  Then the Vice President comes out and said that today’s ruling “defies” the Constitution.
At which point I started to drink.

N.P.: “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” – Mark Lanegan

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