I’m still pretty steamed at Geena Davis’ idiocy.  Writing that stuff last night, I got worked up into a goddamn fit, and I woke up every two hours shouting, “Fuck you” in the darkness.

Using her moronic logic, I think she stopped a bit short.  After you’re done “just changing all the male names to female names” in order to achieve gender parity, why not just erase the name of the male writer and replace it with a female name, thus achieving “parity” in screenwriting.

This sort of shit makes my head ache.

In other news, the Loretta Police Department in Tennessee is asking the good citizens of Loretta to please stop flushing their meth down the toilet during raids, as it is creating “meth gators” downstream from the retention ponds.

Okay, enough of this bilge, dear reader.  Back to the real work.

N.P.: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” – William Shatner

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