No early morning writing sessions today.  Alas.  Managing to get some work done today, though.  275 days.

I was reading a story earlier about an alleged prophet in Ethiopia who showed up in the small Ethiopian town of Galilee (yeah, no shit), found the house of someone recently deceased, pounded on the door and told the bereaved the story of how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and that he could do the same thing Jesus did for their recently dead loved one.  But this wasn’t Jesus…it was just some jackass named Getayawkal Ayele .  I would not buy a used car from anyone called Getayawkal Ayele, let alone let him attempt to resurrect my recently deceased loved one.  But that’s exactly what the family of Belay Biftu did.  Hell, they dug poor Biftu’s dead ass up and let Mr. Getayawkal give it a shot.  Yeah.  So the “prophet” uncovers the corpse’s face from the burial garment (apparently to facilitate the corpse’s ability to hear) and begins shouting into the face of the corpse, “Belay, wake up!”  He does this a few more times when it becomes obvious that Mr. Belay is staying dead.  Obviously he’s not hearing.  So Mr. Getayawkal climbs on top of Mr. Belay’s rotting corpse and shouts even louder: “Belay, wake up!”  [There is video of all this available to the intrepid searcher on YouTube…I just watched it…it’s just as gruesome (and humorous (and pathetic)) as you might expect.]  So this clown goes on shouting until it’s somehow too ridiculous (even though this whole farce has been ridiculous from the jump), and he stands up and seem to concentrate expectantly, waiting stupidly for the body to animate.  After a few moments, the gathered crowd grows audibly suspicious, and Getayawkal starts thinking about what the hell he’s going to do now.  He shrugs dramatically and tells the crowd something that I’m guessing was something like, “Well, you can’t win ’em all,” and climbs clumsily out of the grave.
The video stops there, but that’s only because everybody holding a phone in the crowd had either fainted or put their phones down so they could use both hands to beat the hell out of the false prophet, which they did.  The police arrived and rescued Mr. Getayawkal from being killed by the angry family and villagers,  They also arrested him for abusing dead bodies which is a crime under Ethiopian law.

I understand the family;s anger, but they have to bear some of that: they fell for this nonsense so completely that they dug up poor Uncle Biftu and handed him over to this idiot.

Anyway, yeah.

N.P.: “Cirice” – Ghost

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