“…the predator and the prey spin around in a dance, until you lose sight of the action in a billow of dust, and the next day the bones have a surface of flies.”  ~ Richard Preston

And that pretty much sums it up these days.

I’ve been exploring the concept of atavism, not just its basic definition, but as a biological concept (some trait thought to have been lost long ago suddenly reappearing in a member of a species), and as a social/societal concept describing a cultural tendency of reversion.  i see something that could accurately be described as atavistic happening in our culture in the near future.

But don’t listen to me.   I’ve probably just been spending too much time indoors lately.  Nothing can be done about that: the weather is far too dreadful to go outside voluntarily.

N.P.: “Bells & Circles” – Underworld, Iggy Pop

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