If you want something done, hire good people to do it.
Prince is being a dick again, pulling all of his music from Spotify and other services.
Trent Reznor is working on a goddamn rock opera with “Fight Club” as the libretto.
I’m feeling better about my time in the writer’s room this week, but am growing weary of having to perpetually fight for it.  Writing books is not something that is done in 15-minute increments.  It is not something that you can do for an hour.  Well, maybe you can, but I can’t.  Uninterupted periods of 4-5 hours are the realistic minimum.  These things need to be thought of in periods of days (and nights), weeks, and months.
That star most immediate in our sky is merciless.
The second most common toast I have made this summer is “to a spiderless life in a spiderless world.”  Perhaps you have heard me mention that I hate – not fear, but hate – spiders.  Sick Judo

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