December 17, 2021

Got the studio moved, and it’s up and running in it’s new room.  Going to work on the books tonight.

Wednesday was the first day of the ridiculous and pathetic new mask mandate in California.  The night I had dinner in neighboring Sacramento County, Home of the State Capitol (“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.).”  I haven’t been in that foul county for months, so was a tad shocked when I was practically tackled by two employees when I came in without a mask.  After a brief discussion, they fucked off.  But everybody in the joint was masked up.
Thursday night I went out to dinner here in Anhedonia County, and not one mask.  I’m much more at home with the data-driven free thinkers.

N.P.: “Magnifishit” – Skinny Puppy

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