I’ve gotta say, dear reader, that walking the pre-dawn streets of downtown Anhedonia was amazing today.  There was no traffic, which is typically a problem.  There was ample parking, which never happens down there.  There were astonishingly few other pedestrians around, and they stayed well away from me.  It was like a dream.  A wonderful, quiet, completely unannoying dream.  If only it had been raining.
It’s amusing to see commercials on TV enticing people to come to expensive restaurants, casinos, cruises, and travel destinations that are not open.  And I am hopeful that members of The Herd are starting to see celebrities for the irrelevances that they are.
Life is fine here at Hotel California, and I hope all is well with you, robust and hale reader.

N.P.: “I Idolize You” – Massive Ego

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