I swear to Christ, dear reader, if one more millennial says, “Welcome in,” when I walk through a door of whatever retail establishment I’m being forced by necessity to enter, I’m going to light them on fire.

Today’s experiment with the workflow proved successful in some areas, and more insightful in others.  I very clearly have no problem generating ideas.  I have a significant problem fleshing out, developing, and finishing anything.  So my ideal set up would be a staff of 4-5 clones.  Each morning I’d show up with 4-5 ideas, assign each idea to a clone, have them go at it for a couple hours, look at what we have, then decide if it’s going to be a short piece, or should it be developed into something longer.  But alas, no clones.  What I could really use is a manager.  That is also, you know, a clone.

Since I have no clones, I’ve gotta get back to it.

N.P.: “J’accuse” – Mucca Pazza

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