“These words are all dead.  They leave untouched, powerless to affect it, the intensity of what was.”  ~ Henri Barbusse

I’m back, dear reader, literally and otherwise, perhaps.  We’ll see.  I woke up a new kind of pissed off this morning.  It’s the good kind: a overwhelming resentment of the status quo and an “enough is enough” desire to change it as soon as.

I was disappointed in the hotter than hell weather that has apparently moved into and parked itself over Anhedonia and Fecal Creek in my absence.  It was sweltering in TJ, but the heat makes more sense there.  It sort of goes with the wild west, total corruption and lawlessness vibe they’re going for down there.

I hate the sun so much.  Stupid star.

N.P.: “Wait for You” – Bonham

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