Right now I have this file and the book file open on this laptop.  On my phone I have a third file open, a totally separate writing project.  Two sentences on this one, switch to another…a paragraph there, then two sentences here.  This is not at all unusual for me.  It’s sort of comfortable working that way…if it wasn’t, I’m guessing I wouldn’t do it.  But I have to wonder about the consistency of the final product.  The unity of voice.  I guess we’ll see.

I’ve been unusually productive the last couple of days.  It’s probably the rain.  I’ve always felt a certain comfort from the rain.  It tried to kill me once, the rain.  seriously.  When I was 12.  I haven’t told many people about that.  Remind me to tell you sometime when we’re drunk.  But yeah, despite that, I still feel somehow comforted,  Less alone.  Even a bit inspired.

Okay, that was fucking schmaltzy.  Perhaps I should just write two things simultaneously.  Right.  Back to the book.  And the other thing.

N.P.: “Eagle Birds” – The Black Keys

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