I use music for a lot of things every day.  Usually, it’s just mood regulation, keeping me from homicidal rage by giving me something pleasant to focus on.  But I use music a lot to sort of set the mood for working on one project or another.  This is especially helpful if I have to switch back and forth between projects and need to access different voices and attitudes quickly.  It’s kind of like getting into character for an actor.

The playlist I have for The Book presently has 71 songs in it, and I’ll usually just open the playlist and hit Shuffle when it’s time to work on this thing…that’s actually what’s going on right now.  What’s interesting is that as the shape and tone of what I’m hoping is the final version of the book has started to solidify, several of the songs have sort migrated up toward the top of the list, sort of as more important, essential music, if that makes sense.  As they become associated with certain scenes, and those scenes finally find an order that works, the songs assume their proper formation.  I guess if the movie of this book that I see in my head had a soundtrack, this would be it, and I thought it might be cool to share it with you, dear reader.  You were just bitching about not having anything good to listen to anyway.  Here’s a Spotify link if you rock, a track listing beneath if you don’t.  Enjoy.

N.P.: “Soundtrack to ** ***** ******”:

  1.   “Immigrant Song” – SOAK
  2.   “Run” – AWOLNATION
  3.   “I’m Only Joking” – KONGOS
  4.   “Dangerous (feat. Joywave)” – Big Data
  5.   “Pretty When You Cry” – Vast
  6.   “Nature of Inviting” – IAMX
  7.   “Should I Stay or Should I Go” – Powerman 5000
  8.   “I Can’t Decide” – Scissor Sisters
  9.   “Requiem, Op. 48: 1. Introit” – Gabriel Faurè, Laurence Equilbey, Accentus, Orchestre National de France
  10.   “Kuss” – Eisbrecher
  11.   “Angel (2006 Digital Remaster)” – Massive Attack
  12.   “Crazy” – Kidneythieves
  13.   “Lovesong” – Snake River Conspiracy
  14.   “Unglued” – Big Data
  15.   “Psycho Killer” – One Bad Son
  16.   “Immigrant Song” – Style Project

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