Contemptus minivani.

Also, fuck Facebook, Google+, and John Mayer.

And as long as we’re here, I was just watching the season finale of ” Better Call Saul” when some goddamn credit card company’s commercial came on featuring Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” in the soundtrack.  I’d heard about this but was sort of refusing to believe it was real.  But I just saw the damn thing, and oh God, does it suck.  I think this is the first significant misstep by the Prince Estate…certainly the most egregious.  Prince never licensed any of his music to any television commercial during his lifetime, and he sure as hell wouldn’t have wanted the practice started with some goddamn credit card company.  The Estate has done some pretty brilliant things: the website, finally making the entire catalog of official releases through 2015 available to stream online, and recently they launched the official merchandise line which is not too shabby,  I understand that the Estate’s primary directive is to make money and maximize the profitability of the Estate, but this is a significant blunder.

N.P.: “Lunatic Fringe” – Red Rider

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