Work work work, blah, blah, blah.

I’m angsty lately.  Discontent.  Frustrated.  And not a little bit overwhelmed by everything.  I’ve been bitching about the ludicrous amount of quality television and movies that are being produced these days, and the weird anxiety produced when it’s all you can do to go through the various movies and series released on various media and platforms, sort through the crap and select what you want to put in your To Watch Queue, and then running out of time to actually watch any of the stuff, and the damn Queue just gets longer and longer….

Similar things happen with technology…especially software.  I am sent new apps all the time that are really good at what they do, but I’m already neck-deep in another app that I’ve been using for that particular purpose for 2-3 years, and was hoping to keep using.  But then something always happens with that app, and I end up having to look around at replacement programs, picking the one that’s going to function best for me and my seemingly ever-developing workflow.  This process involves some basic internet research, reading of reviews, and usually watching several different tutorial videos to see how the thing really works before drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid on that particular app.  And then once that is done, I have to learn the ins and outs of that app,   Which is, of course, something that I’m having to deal with now.

I guess I’m just annoyed by change.  And the fact that it seems to take a prohibitively long time to set things up to do whatever it is you’re doing, such that once you actually get things set up, the amount of productive time is pretty minimal, and just when you get into a groove, everything has to be changed again.

Sorry…this is boring.  I have written some decent stuff in the last four days, but it’s all going in the book.  The book…it’s weird as hell, dear reader.  I don’t even know how well it’s going, if I’m honest.  I think it will be extreme, one way or another: either a total flop or a revolutionarily big deal.  It’s either going to change everything, or nothing at all.  Whatever that means.

N.P.: “Natural One” – Shearwater

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